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Camping with Kids
Kids Tipi
Set up and dismantle of a
camp is the worst part of
camping.  Add kids to the mix
and it's next to impossible.  So
why not let us do it?

Take a vacation from your
vacation.  Step out of the Motel
or RV and step into the Great
Outdoors.  Give the kids an
experience they'll never forget
without sacrificing comfort and
sparing you the hassle.  We've
camped with kids, so we know
just what gear you need.  Best
of all, we'll haul it for and
deliver it to you.  We'll assist
you with picking the right site
depending on your camping
experience and your kid's
ages, and customize your Base
Camp to fit your family.
Family Camp
Baby backpack
PHONE: 406-223-5619
Camping with kids, kids camping gear
Kids Tipi
Kids Camping Gear
Family Camping
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Every baby is different so you can choose a bouncy chair, bumbo seat, excersaucer, play mat, or baby tent to keep them safe and
make them feel at home.  Place a high chair on the ground or clip one onto a picnic table.
Camping TIP:  You'll find baby wipes in your Kitchen Box, but we like to keep a pot of water warm and a washcloth handy for
quick clean ups.
Our typical family camp consists of a Queen air bed with fitted sleeping bags for Mom
and Dad.
A Cot or Bunk Bed Cot, depending on how many kids.  Sometimes they like to share
a Double Air bed.
A portable crib with sheet and extra blankets if camping with a baby.