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This is how we camp.  Why can't you?  Camp with the
resources of a local, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Living in the Yellowstone area, we get a lot of visitors.  We
found ourselves setting up these camps for friends and
family.  This is our own camp set up, so it's got everything you
need, from an ice chest full of food to a book of matches and
firewood.  We might take them to a bootleg campsite that
isn't on any map or website.  If they didn't know us, they
would never get to experience anything like this, really
camping, but in comfort.  We always thought this could be a
great service to offer other visitors, while at the same time
creating an opportunity to minimize the impact on the
environment by cutting out the waste and consumption that
is inherent with a vacation.

We've had experiences camping abroad or out of state, and
to avoid the hassle of excess baggage, you buy a cheap tent
when you land.  You want to cook out there, so you buy food,
then you need a cooler.  It all adds up.  You think you've
packed the essentials, you get out there and realize you
forgot a can opener.  So instead of enjoying nature and
actually relaxing, your vacation is spent driving to
restaurants, motels, and gear stores.  After all is said and
done you might try and sell what you bought at a pawn shop,
ship it home to collect dust, or just throw it away.  Your entire
vacation experience suffers.

We hope to offer a environmentally friendly alternative, while
extending the life of gently used camping gear by renting it to
those who need it at an affordable price.  This is our home so
we pledge to be stewards of the land and leave every
campsite cleaner than we found it.  Leave no trace.
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